Sunday, June 30, 2013

Drake Was A No Show At BET Awards

If you've noticed that the BET Awards 2013 seemed a bit unorchestrated, at times ChrisTucker seemed a bit lost or unfamiliar with the scheduled prompt, and other times different acts, came out of nowhere. Apparently, Drake pulled out of the BET Awards only hours before he was scheduled to perform.  It did seem a bit odd for Drake and Lil-Wayne to be missing from The BET Awards, as they have the radio's on lock.  While it's unclear if Lil-Wayne was scheduled to perform but, I've noticed that he  and Rihanna was missing as well. 

Hollywoodlife reports, 

A source tells exclusively that “the reason Drake isn’t [at the BET Awards] is 100 percent all about Chris Brown.”
Drake and Chris have a long, heated history that’s involved bottle-shattering bar fights and countless disses, and the source says that “Drake took the steps to not let anything happen” again. 
With Drake opting out of the BET Awards, it seems that both stars have acknowledged that their feud has gotten out of hand, and that it needs to die down.
“Chris doesn’t want to talk about Drake or anybody but himself, what he’s doing and keeping it positive,” a source close to the singer told exclusively after Drake dissed Chris in GQ magazine. “He left that stuff in last year — he’s doing him and staying focused on the positive.”

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