Friday, June 28, 2013

Rapper Rick Ross Is Sued For $90k For Unpaid Rolex Watches

Rick Ross photo source: rapgenius

Rick Ross is being sued for $90,000 for unpaid Rolex watches that he purchased. Apparently, Mr. Mayback, as I've comically coined him, purchased three iced out diamond Rolex watches last August and has yet to pay for them. Obviously, this did not set well with the retailer; who's named as Johnny's Custom Jewelry in Texas.

According to Hiphopwired

TMZ reports: Johnny's Custom Jewelry in Texas filed the suit against Ross and his company Maybach Music, claiming the rapper agreed to purchase 3 diamond Rolexes last August for a total of $89,847.50. According to Johnny's, the Rolexes include one 18K gold watch with 30CT of diamonds ($55,000), one 18K gold watch with 7CT of diamonds ($14,000), and one two-tone watch with 5CT of diamonds ($14,000). The receipt (see next page) is dated September 2012 and Johnny's delivered the watches. However, Rozay has yet to pay up. The lawsuit seeks the money Johnny's Custom Jewelry is owed as well as interest. 

This is not a good look for a Rapper who has coined himself  A Boss. Unless, there is a little foul play involved by way of the jeweler. I guess time will tell. What do you guys think?

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