Friday, June 7, 2013

Fantasia and Kelly Rowland Teamup in Catsuits For ( Without Me)

Kelly Rowland and Fantasia on the set of 'Without Me'
Fantasia and Kelly Rowland (Without Me) photo's source: Necolebitchie

Fantasia and Kelly Rowland  teamed up on the set of Tasia's new video for her hot new single. The song is entitled, Without MeThe song spew's a tale of a good-for-nothing male who seems to have taking Fantasia's kindness for weakness, and in the midst of it all, he seemed to also have forgotten that he would have nothing without her, or so she states.  Never mind that though, Ms. Barrino and Ms. Rowland both showed up to the set and showed out as they are both flaunting sexy catsuits for this video shoot. Check the hot photos below.

According to Necolebitchie,

Earlier this year Fantasia revealed that she recorded the song after a guy she was talking to pissed her off. When asked what exactly he did to influence the track, she said:
Exactly what I said in the song. You stuntin’! Everything you doing, I put you on to that! So, you stuntin’, where would you be without me? Go ahead and get your shine time now, but it’s going to die soon because there is no talent. You are just stuntin’ because of me.

Fantasia on the set of Without Me 2

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