Friday, June 14, 2013

Earn Money For Posting Whatever You Like On Bubblews

Goodmorning fellow bloggers and readers, just wanted to let you in yet another avenue of how to make money online. Recently, I was introduced to this network by the name of Bubblews. This network is awesome because, they pay you to speak your mind freely. Which means, if you feel like instructing a person on how to get on the top of the next building and jump off, you can very well do that at free will, and get paid for it. I absolutely am enjoying this network almost, as much as I do the facebooking empire. Mainly because, you connect with friends, and through their views, your postings, and comments, and likes, you gain revenue. Check out my screenshot, after only one week, without marketing any stories, or even promoting, anything.  Feel free to sign up, oh yeah, btw, once you sign up your are guaranteed, a referral fee. The fee actually varies, depending on what time of the day you will sign up.  You can redeem this money via paypal,e-check, or direct deposit. Sign up now, right here. 

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